Pilot implementation of Kanri Soft in ETO Magnetic.

Implementing an automated data collection system from production machines can significantly facilitate the work of people managing processes and responsible for the lean policy – results from the pilot implementation of the Kanri Soft application in ETO Magnetic. The ETO Group manufactures powertrain components: solenoid valves, actuators, sensors and modules for various systems and vehicles. […]

OEE Indicator – What is it?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is one of the indicators used in the lean management concept to measure the degree of machine utilization. How to calculate the Total Equipment Effectiveness and how to use this measure? The OEE indicator, often used in lean companies, consists of three lower-order indicators: availability, efficiency and quality of machine work […]

Lean Manufacturing–  what is it about and the role of data in it

The combination of Big Data, analytical tools, and the lean management concept brings multi-million savings to manufacturing companies. What are the reasons for the double-digit productivity gains achieved with the use of these tools? Developed in the 1960s and 1970s, the production thinking by Japanese engineer Taiichi Ohno initially functioned in English-language literature under the […]

Kanri – Japanese style management

Gemba Kanri and Hoshin Kanri are two different approaches to management in the broadly understood trend of lean management. In each of them, processes and their improvement are viewed from a different perspective, but communication between employees at different levels is crucial in both cases. The names of both methods are derived from Japanese. Hoshin […]