We digitize Lean!

Kanri Soft is a digital cloud management system supporting the functioning in the spirit of lean, combining data acquisition tools from many sources and their processing and visualization.

Kanri Soft helps to reach the full potential of people and machines

Kanri Soft technology collects data from machines and operators

Automatically processed and delivered information in real time allows you to identify problematic areas and make the right decisions.

All data
in one place

Kanri Soft automatically collects
process data from machines and operators

Improving management efficiency

Owing to transparent data visualizations, managers gain the basis to react quickly and adequately

The right information at the right time

Each participant of the process has access to the information they need at work

Maximize your production efficiency

Reliable and available real-time data allows to identify areas of improvement and optimize production processes

Application of Kanri Soft in a plant for the plastics industry

The Kanri Soft system modules, enabling the control of the efficiency of machines and operators, contributed to the improvement...

Kanri Soft supports the optimization of the production process in the furniture industry

The amount of time devoted to unproductive activities in a furniture industry company has been reduced thanks to the...

Implementation of the Kanri Soft production control system in fish processing

The application of the production process supervision system in the fish processing plant allowed for objective control of the...

Pilot implementation of Kanri Soft in ETO Magnetic.

Implementing an automated data collection system from production machines can significantly facilitate the work of people managing processes and...
What you can gain


  • Eliminating the need to manually collect production data
  • Eliminating the need to look for a supervisor/mechanical engineer
  • Real-time management data
  • Increase your work efficiency thanks to better supervision
  • Recovered employee time to spend on more productive activities
  • Objective measurement of resource use (e.g. OEE)
What you can gain


  • Information about qualitative errors available in real time
  • Ability to react faster if deviations are observed
  • Quality alerts: Information about complaints and important actions, delivered directly to operators’ panels and confirmed by them
  • The ability to automatically stop the production in case of detecting an excessive number of errors
What you can gain


  • Possible reporting of accidents from any place
  • Automatic notifications and calling superiors in the event of an accident
  • Ability to react faster to notifications (alerts visible in many places of the system at the same time, SMS alerts, etc.

Check out how our system can optimize the workflow

Operator's panel

Production pacce indicator

Use the operator panel to monitor correctness of production pace and the implementation of the plan.

Access to files (instructions, drawings and the like)

A user-friendly database full of instructions and drawings, providing a basis for the correct identification of deficiencies.

Operator's panel

Reporting failures and calling for maintenance

It facilitates communicating irregularities to your superiors with one click.

Reporting and classifying the causes of downtime

It minimizes the time needed to pass key information upwards.

Foreman's panel

Position status

It allows you to verify the degree of implementation of the production plan on each line on an ongoing basis.

Fast communication with operator

It allows you to quickly react to a problem occurring on a given position.

Foreman's panel

Working time of the position

It allows you to control the efficiency of machines and their technical condition.

Notification of new changes

Reduces the response time to downtime and irregularities.

Mechanic's panel

Job queue

Quick and easy view of the schedule and to-do list.

Machine knowledge base

A convenient knowledge base about machines, both their service history and technical documentation.

Mechanic's Panel

Planner view

The app functions as a schedule and to-do list.

Reporting accidents

Communication tool with fault reporters and maintenance managers.

Production line management

Notifications and announcements

Access to data needed to control the operation of the line and optimize work.

Interactive workplace plan

It reduces the amount of time spent collecting, entering and processing data.

Production line management board

PDCA project management

Monitoring the effectiveness of implemented changes: plan implementation or production backlogs through the PDCA project management board.

Production line status

It eliminates the risk of operating on information which is out-of-date or inconsistent with reality.

A board for managing the Maintenance Department

PDCA project management

An effective tool for managing and improving the efficiency of your department.

Task kanbans

Kanbans of tasks of individual mechanical engineers or planned services, reviews and improvements.

A board for managing the Maintenance Department

Planned services, reviews and improvements

Access to the most up-to-date and real data needed in the repair and fault management process.

Accident report

The current queue of reported failures and the current status and location of mechanical engineers.